Pension Income

ension payable to employees who retire from private sector is tax free, but subject to a limit of N1,800,000.00 per annum, any payment above this limit is subject to tax while pension of Public Officers is wholly exempt from tax by the constitution of federal Republic of Nigeria (1999).

Rights of Employees

  • Right to be given a tax receipt REV. 15 at the end of the year by his employer.

  • Right of objection to the Board, for relief’s not properly granted.

  • Right of objection to the Board for any over deduction.

  • Right to be given Tax clearance Certificate by the Board if he so requests after tax has been fully paid.

  • Right of refund from the Board for excess tax paid

  • Right to be issued a Tax Deduction Card, having completed and returned the Annual tax Return from (Rev. 49).